Five Questions For Tea Making Beginner 茶入門五問


Five Questions For Tea Making Beginner

Q1: How to cold brew tea? What kind of tea leaves are best suitable?
It is very simple. Just put tea leaves in a bottle and cold brew for one night, 600cc approx. 9 grams of tea leaves. You can use many different kinds of tea leaves such as Pu’er tea or green tea. Both have a different unique taste that you can enjoy.

Q2: Can I drink overnight tea?
Like many foods, tea can be stored in refrigerator for later use but will have a much stronger tea smell. For your first making tea, you do not want to put too much tea leaves. Using smaller amount of tea leaves can also produce the same degree of flavor. Not only will it cultivate the degree of refinement but also the strength of the flavor.

會影響睡眠的是茶中的咖啡因,咖啡因的量和品種、溫度、茶青熟度、製程等因素有關。其中影響較大的是發酵度。紅茶是全發酵﹐烏龍茶是部分發酵,包種茶為輕發酵,綠茶則不經揉捻沒有發酵。 發酵越重咖啡因釋放越少,較適合不易入睡或胃不好的人。而經無氧發酵的GABA茶(佳葉龍茶)含有γ—胺基丁酸,甚至有放鬆助眠的功效。
Q3: During night time, what kind of tea can I drink that will be less likely to affect my ability to fall asleep?
What affects your sleep is caffeine such as the amount, temperature, tea ripeness, and other factors but the greater influence is the degree of fermentation. Black tea is fully fermented, oolong tea is partially fermented, Pouchong tea is lightly fermented, and green tea without kneading is not fermented. The heavier the fermentation the tea is means less caffeine is released making the tea more suitable for drinkers who have trouble sleeping. And the oxygen-free fermentation of GABA tea (Jiayelong tea) contains gamma-amine-based butyric acid, and even has the effect of relaxing and sleeping.

Q4: Can you tell the difference with organic tea?
It is not often compared. The choice of organic tea not only can drink the rich nature of pure tea and has many benefits for ones health, but at the same time, it is also good for our environment. This is the important value of organic tea.

Q5: For people who are not experienced with making tea, how do they know which kind of tea to select?
It is best to select brand names with a good reputation. Also don’t be afraid to explore the many different flavors and see which kind is appeals to you the most. If you choose to pick organic tea, be sure that it the tea has been tested and has the organic verification seal to ensure that the tea is safe to drink.